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Environmental Impact Assessment at Tubli Bay - Bahrain

Short Term Emergency Program for the Upgrading of the Treatment Facilities at Tubli WPCC - Bahrain

The Tubli Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) at Tubli/Kingdom of Bahrain needs to be expanded and upgraded due to the increasing hydraulic and organic overloading conditions and the poor quality of the final treated effluent. Additional quantites of wastewater are expected in future. Bahrain shows fast population growth, new urbanization projects will be connected to the Tubli WPCC catchment.
The major objectives for the extension of the capacity of Tubli WPCC are to allow the full unrestricted and sustainable utilization of the final Treated Sewage Effluent Tubli WPCC for agricultural purposes (full disinfection) and to avoid carry-over of sludge to protect Tubli Bay.

Basic Data:
Average daily flow: 350.000 m³/d or 1.000.000 PE; Outflow: 100% tertiary treated effluent, fully unrestricted use for irrigation and additional outflow to sea.
Project Duration (EIA): 10/07 – 06/08
Client: Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of Works
Main contractor: p2m Berlin GmbH

Tubli Bay as receiving water body is a higly sensible flat coastal bay with very low water exchange rates. It is an important and internationally acknowledged area for resting, nesting and feeding of migratory birds. The last mangroves of Bahrain can be found here. The remaining seagrass beds are a habitat for turtles and dugongs, which meanwhile can not be found here anymore, due to the deminished water quality. One main objective of the EIA was to describe the state of Tubli Bay and to estimate the future reduced impact of the discharge from the WWTP.
Other important aspects are the impact on the neighbourhood (emission control measures) and possibilities for reuse of treated wastewater and sludge.






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