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The National Master Plan Sanitary Engineering Services (NMPSES) needed to be upgraded for the period up to the year 2030. Due to a strong growth in economy as well as in population there will be growing waste water and sludge quantities. The existing capacities must be enhanced, new development on reclaimed land require additional infrastruc-ture. Additional STPs are planned, the sewage system has to be extended. The treated waste water will be reused to 100 % in future. For the increasing sludge quantities an environment friendly solution must be found.


The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) covers all above-mentioned aspects. In addition to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) the SEA sets the framework for future EIAs of projects within the Master Plan. It describes the possible or expected impacts on the environment on the same planning level as the Master Plan and develops measures to minimize or avoid negative impacts, which have to be respected when realizing the planned infrastructure extension.


  • Master plan covers the inhabited area of Bahrain incl. northern islands and planned land reclamations.
  • Population: 1.3 Mio. in 2009, growth to 2.5 Mio. in 2030
  • Project Duration (SEA): 06/09 – 11/09
  • Client: Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of Works
  • Main consultant: GTZ-IS, Dornier Consult


  • Consultation with client and competent authority
  • SEA Inception Report
  • SEA Scoping Repor
  • SEA Final Report
  • SEA Final Presentation

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