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Solutions for the protection of our most precious resource - Water

Who we are

UBB provides high quality environmental studies and research, especially in the fields of water, soil and biotope investigation. UBB was formed in 1989 as a research spin-off company from Berlin universities. Today UBB is working for a wide range of clients from public administration to private investors and industry.

Staff and Qualifications

Over the last decades we have acquired extensive experience in environmental impact analysis of plans and programs, hydraulic engineering, landscape planning, renaturation and rehabilitation. Geology, hydrology, pedology, geography, environmental management and geographic information knowledge provide the basis for developing and supporting comprehensive planning processes. We continuously improve our expertise by participating in workshops and symposia.

Our Clients

  • Public Institutions
  • Private Sector
  • Public Foundations and NGOs
  • Research and Development Institutions
















  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Hydrological and hydrogeological studies,
  • Hydraulic engineering,
  • Studies on nature-orientated stormwater
  • Modelling using Geographic Information
    System (GIS),
  • Approval documents,
  • Investigation of contaminated sites and landfills,
  • Soil protection surveys,
  • Emission control,
  • Landscape planning and management,
  • Supervision of plant construction.




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Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Umsetzung  genehmigungspflichtiger Projekte. 

Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf:

Umweltvorhaben Dr. Klaus Möller GmbH

Knesebeckstraße 18

10623 Berlin

  Telefon: +49 (030) 318613-0

Praktikum bei UBB

Haben Sie Interesse an einem Praktikum zu den Themen Umweltplanung, Wasserbau und Umweltschutz. Bewerben Sie sich bei uns.

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